The City has partnered with two service providers to assist our employees in the Health Center:

Everside Health will serve active employees enrolled in the Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia POS or Lumenos HDHP and all other City of Atlanta employees (including those not enrolled in a COA-sponsored health plan).

Kaiser Permanente will serve active employees enrolled in a Kaiser Permanente HMO or HDHP plan.

Preventive Care Services

Annual physicals
Biometric screenings
Pap Screenings
Laboratory Testing on site

Treatment of Minor Illness and injury

Common infections
Muscle and joint paint
Sprains and strains

Chronic Disease Management

High blood pressure
Heart disease
Muscoloskeletal disorders (including lower back pain)
Digestive disorders

Follow-up Care

Referral to specialists
Order and interpret lab work

Free Pharmacy Dispensary

Available for select maintenance and preventive medication after an assessment

Medication check-ups

Tobacco Cessation

Tobacco cessation program offered by COA Health Center*

Weight Management

Weight management program offered by COA Health Center*

Psychological Services and Employee Assistant Program

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Educational and wellness programs
Counseling appointments

*Tobacco cessation and weight management programs also are offered through BCBS and Kaiser Permanente

Service Providers – EversideHealth

If you are enrolled in the Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia POS or Lumenos HDHP, Health Center services will be provided via EversideHealth. Your provider will be a medical doctor or nurse practitioner, certified and licensed to practice in Georgia. Nurse practitioners are supervised by a medical doctor. Certified medical assistants also may provide support in the Health Center. In addition to the services listed above, EversideHealth offers a variety of wellness challenges that can help you adopt new, healthier habits.

Heath Center Fees

  • Employees enrolled in an HDHP plan – $30 copay per visit (required by the IRS) for non-preventive services
  • All other active employees – Free


The City, Healthstat and Kaiser Permanente are committed to patient confidentiality. As medical service providers, Healthstat and Kaiser Permanente are required to follow all HIPAA privacy guidelines. Employees’ personal health information will be stored as electronic medical records and maintained by Healthstat and Kaiser Permanente.

No one at the City of Atlanta will have access to individual employee health information.


Across the street from City Hall at:
235 Central Ave.
Suite B
Atlanta, GA  30303

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Closed during lunch, noon to 1 p.m.