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PS/EAP healthy living seminars /services are designed to help City of Atlanta Employees gain a better understanding of stress and anxiety, relational and communication skills, depressive symptoms, and other issues that may impact your daily living.

If you would like more information about a specific seminar or service, please call or send us an email for further details. Click the name of the seminar or service you are interested in. We will contact you at our earliest convenience.

Healthy Living Seminars include but not limited to:

Anxiety & Stress Management/Mindfulness seminar was developed to help City of Atlanta Employees gain a deeper understanding of stress and anxiety. During the seminar serves employees will have the opportunity to identify their stressors, evaluate how stress impacts their daily lives, and learn methods to reduce stress. Employees will engage in stress reduction and mindfulness exercises.

This seminar will review the necessary components that aid in the development and maintenance of healthy relationships. The seminar is designed for persons who wish to learn about:

  • The Components of a healthy relationship
  • Healthy Interpersonal Communication Practices


– (Tuesday @ 1pm)

Resilience is the ability to adapt well and recover quickly after prolonged stress, adversity, trauma or tragedy. If you have a resilient disposition, you are better able to maintain poise and a healthy level of physical and psychological wellness in the face of life’s challenges. If you’re less resilient, you’re more likely to dwell on problems, feel overwhelmed, use unhealthy coping tactics to handle stress, and develop anxiety and depression. The PS/EAP Resiliency workshop will highlight approaches that will assist you in increasing awareness so that you are more intentional about perceptions, decrease the negative thoughts in your mind, and bring greater focus on the most meaningful aspect of an experience. Overall, our goal is to assist you in improving resiliency, enhancing quality of life, and decreasing your stress and anxiety.

Stress Management

– (Wednesday @ 1pm)

Stress in the workplace can affect every aspect of an organization, from absenteeism rates to interpersonal relationships. It’s vital to recognize the signs of stress as early as possible so that actions can be taken before serious stress-related situations occur. This seminar offers resources to help cope with life stressors as they associated with stress and its impact. This seminar is Psychoeducational in nature and materials will be provided.

Interpersonal Effectiveness

– (Thursday @ 11am)

PS/EAP will facilitate a seminar focusing on interpersonal conflict in the workplace to help City of Atlanta Employees learn effective interpersonal skills when confronted with a potentially stressful work environment.  During the seminar employees will have the opportunity to identify areas of conflict, and develop effective interpersonal/communication skills.

The building Trusting Relationships seminar will help you to determine the level of trust in your current work relationships, develop trustworthiness, and enhance interpersonal interactions with co-workers that build connections, inspire trust, and enhance workplace cohesiveness.

Special Topics Seminars

– (Thursday @ 1pm)

Holiday Blues

– (Coming in Nov, Dec and Jan)

Make this season a bright and bountiful one by giving you the best present of all: peace of mind. Turn the holidays into a happy, stress-free time by taking care of yourself, bringing balance to your work and home life and not letting holiday worries overwhelm you. For many people, it is normal to feel a little down during the holidays. In spite of all the decorating, gift giving, family gatherings and merrymaking associated with the season a letdown may set in. For some it can mean struggling through the darker, colder winter months and paying off holiday bills.

Attendees will learn:

  • Learning how to understand feelings of depression and the impact of stress during and after the holiday season.
  • Learn tips on coping with holiday blues
  • Learn strategies on managing stress


Teaching the Caregivers.  This course originated in the late 1980s as taught by the founder of Kashi Atlanta, Jaya Devi Bhagavati.  Originally taught to doctors and nurses treating people with HIV/AIDS at Grady Infectious Disease Center, this course has been taught to police officers, EMTs and other emergency response personnel, nurses in a variety of settings, employees of the CDC, lawyers working with homeless people, and a wide variety of other professionals.

Attendees will learn:

  • how to identify workplace burnout
  • learn ways to better manage stress
  • evaluate workplace options, and stay motivated

Yoga and Meditation

– (Wednesday @12 noon)

Ongoing Yoga and Meditation Classes – all levels, for stress prevention and general health.  Includes classes such as Yoga for Beginners, Yoga Boot Camp, Yoga Blast, Curvey Yoga, Gentle Yoga and Meditation, Beginners Meditation, , Yoga for Addictions (11 Step Yoga – Yoga & Meditation plus a 12 step meeting) .

Bio Feedback

– (By Appointment only)

Biofeedback training provides individuals with increased information about the connection between the body and the brain. Our Bio Feedback instrument gives continuous measurements of a bodily function, a person can experiment with different thoughts, feelings, and sensations and get immediate feedback on the physical effects. Make an appointment on the calendar (Hyperlink to calendar) or Email us to schedule an appointment!

Relaxation Pods

– (By Appointment only)

Relaxation Pods makes strategic napping acceptable in the office because the pod is an interval of calm and regaining consciousness that inserts itself spatially and mentally into the clamor of daily life. The result:

  • Increased quality of life and performance
  • Greater creativity, concentration and motivation
  • Reduction of physiological stress responses
  • Prevention of illness-related absences from work

A pleasant working environment, employee-oriented health management, and fixed periods of rest form the basis for productive, creative and satisfied employees, and point the way for innovative companies. Make an appointment on the

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